Rachel Anne Kieran, Psy.D.

Psychologist, Founder & Owner of StorieBrook Therapy & Consulting, LLC

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An Atlanta-area therapist with knowledge and experience in the areas of sexual, gender and relational diversity. Providing individual therapy that is LGBTQIQ-affirmative, sex-positive, polyamory-friendly and kink-knowledgeable.

A graduate of Jacksonville University in Jacksonville, Florida with Bachelor's degrees in History and Psychology, I moved to Denver, Colorado to pursue graduate study in Clinical Psychology. I received my Master's and a Doctorate of Clinical Psychology from the University of Denver. I moved to Atlanta to complete my doctorate by serving a 12-month internship at Georgia State University, where I was then hired as a post-doctoral fellow, and then a senior staff member.

Prior to opening a private practice in Atlanta in 2007 I worked for Regis University in Denver and Georgia State University in Atlanta - providing clinical services for students in both positions. I have also worked in a group practice and a community mental health center in Denver. When not providing direct service, I teach as an adjunct professor in Psychological Science at Kennesaw State University, and provide continuing education workshops for other mental health professionals, particularly in the areas of sexual, gender and relational diversity.

I am also a member of the leadership team for my professional association, the Georgia Psychological Association, and in 2020-21 served as the Association President. I have held multiple positions for that association and love getting to work with my incredible colleagues!

Licensed in the State of Georgia, I have been providing therapy services for almost twenty years, and have been in private practice since 2007. I consider my practice open and accepting to all, and have a particular emphasis on the importance of multiple identities in the lives of my patients. This includes knowledge and experience in areas of sexual, gender and relational diversity including sexual and affectional identity/orientation, transgender issues, queer theory, BDSM and kink, polyamory and other non-monogamies.